“Maria has been very instrumental in uncovering information about my father-in-law and family who were uprooted from Poland during WWII. We received a very detailed report including an extended family tree which went back several more generations than we had previously known. There were also many original documents such as birth and marriage certificates, and also documents regarding the families arrest and deportation to Siberia by the NKVD. But the most touching revelation that Maria found was an actual deposition taken from my father-in-law’s brother by the Institute of National Remembrance – Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes Against Polish Nation, after the war.

She also provided a translation which on one hand confirmed things we already knew, but also revealed new information about the exact whereabouts of the family during interment in a work camp, as well as an account of what daily life was like along with descriptions of others they were with who came from the same region. When we sent this deposition letter to his son who is still living nearby in the US, he was amazed and very happy that such a thing could be put into his hands from his long-deceased father.
Many thanks to Maria, who provided a substantial number of new pieces to the family puzzle.”

John J., USA

“A few months ago I came in contact with Maria. Maria has been able to trace my mother’s ancestors that I am extremely happy with. For example, some special discoveries have been made and in some cases she has found records from 3 or 4 generations ago. My grandfather’s branch was in Wielkopolskie. At the end of the investigation of a certain family line I received everything in a neat report. My grandmother’s family came from Malopolskie.
Maria does not give up. She even had contact with priests from the homes of my ancestors in order to find the right people. But she also made contact and found information with family members who still live in Poland and brought us in contact with them.

My thanks can hardly be expressed in words. Maria, thank you very, very much from the bottom of my heart. I can strongly recommend Maria and the MCR team for the professionalism, kindness and patience in their investigations.

I will certainly use her services again this year for further research into my great-grandmother from Malopolskie.”

Mike B, The Netherlands

“I recently hired Maria Latuszek, of the Migrant Center of the Research, to locate potential heirs in Poland regarding an estate case here in the U.S. and I am extremely pleased with the results of her work.

Maria quickly and accurately identified the missing family members and she provided me with their solid contact information. I would not hesitate to use this service again.”

Peggy S., Illinois, USA

“My grandmother died at the age of 36 from the influenza epidemic of 1911. Leaving eight children and my mother at the age of three, the family needed to survive and older siblings and extended family stepped in for support, but family history was lost.
Fast forward one hundred years, and my family wanted to learn more about their Polish roots. Very fortunately, my cousin John recommended we connect with Maria Latuszek from the Migrant Research Center and the research quest began.

Maria has relentlessly researched both sides of our Polish roots throughout Poland. With persistence and professionalism, Maria has continually communicated with us with questions and information which eventually led to the discovery of my grandmother’s birthplace, birthdate, and family. With Maria’s hard work, two generations before both my grandparents were revealed. Maria has now created a six generation family tree, what a gift to my family! I cannot express our deep gratitude to Maria for her endless hard work, perseverance, ardent research, and high level of professionalism.

She has opened our eyes to our Polish roots and brought our grandmother and her ancestors to life for us to know and cherish. We cannot thank her enough and highly recommend her for those who seek their Polish roots. She has opened the path for us all to visit Poland and walk in the villages of our family.”

Katherine M., Connecticut, USA

“Maria was very helpful in locating the names of some of my great-grandparents.
She was a good communicator and easy to work with.”

John C.,Texas, USA

“Our family was truly amazed at the passion and detail Mary put into researching our family in a village outside of Krakow!
We received a narrative of community members, with parish history. I liked the explanations, too, like why infant mortality rates were high, and how surnames evolved. Documents were attached and fully translated, all for reasonable cost. When we asked for help in a distant community, she successfully obtained the documents not relying solely on traditional databases.
Finally, our family tree was expertly layed-out.”

Stephen K., Wisconsin, USA

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