Archival Researches

This is professional genealogy research for a single surname from a parental or maternal line.

When our ancestors immigrated to the USA, Canada, Australia, and so on, they had to consider the possibility of never seeing their homeland again. With little money they started a new life in a strange country, sometimes not even knowing the language. Today we have more ways to communicate between countries or continents. It is so valuable to recreate family connections and meet each other at least once in a lifetime.

Migrant Center of the Research is a team of people who also have relatives abroad. We know the difficulties of finding them while knowing close to nothing about them. It is possible and completely worth doing!

We do our best to locate the addresses of your family in Poland. This can prove to be difficult due to the privacy law regarding personal data, however we still have some sources we can refer to. At the least we will identify other details about your relatives which can help you find them.

We provide you the names, dates, and places related to your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and other relatives dating a few generations back (depending on the data available in the state and church archives). When we receive basic information about your ancestor from you, we check free of charge what documents are available (if they survived the war times). We don’t want to waste your money on the research of unexisting data.

If we find the research possible and promising, you will be informed and will decide what your main goal is. It is your choice to decide how many hours you wish to pay for.

Of course, it also depends on the purpose you want to achieve. More actions to take means more hours needed for searching.


This research includes:

* Full report with source description.

* Photographs of original vital records (baptisms, marriages, deaths) – saved in book or microfilm version.

* Family tree updated at every stage of the research – in formats: GED and jpg/tiff.

* Brief story of a family village/city.

It’s possible to prepare individual research with a number of hours declared by you.

The currency depends on your country of residence – Dollars for the US, Canada, Australia, and other countries outside Europe and Euros for European Union residents.

After the research is finished, we can translate the documents into English.

We also handle trips to Poland, which you can find more about here.
We can help you organize a meeting with your living relatives in Poland and you can taste Polish cuisine.