Cemetery services

If you located the cemetery where your ancestors rest in peace you can send us to visitthe gravestone of your relatives.
On your behalf, we can clean the grave, light the candle or even leave the message. Many old graves, not only in Poland, are neglected, no one has been interested in them for years or all relatives have already died.

We know that caring for our relatives, even if they will not be in this world anymore, is a human need. That creates us better.
We carry about the others hoping that one day somebody will care about our ”last home”.

Team of MCR is here to represent you and take care about your family’s gravestone.

This research has the options like:

* Photos of the gravestones of your relatives. Movies are also possible.

* Lighting of the candle on the grave.

* Cleaning of the grave – photos before and after are delivered to you.

* Leaving a message to some relatives on the grave with the details to contact MCR and then we will let you know
if someone will send us an e-mail.  

We are ready to help you in every case. At least we can check by ourselves if the grave still exists and in what condition it is.